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Nutrition Counseling & Endurance Coaching

The Fuel Your Passion Mission


The name "Fuel Your Passion" was developed because we are all athletes. We all have a burning desire deep inside to achieve something we never dreamed possible. This is where it starts. This is where your journey begins.

With both proper fueling through nutrition and a custom coaching plan, I know together, we have the tools to help turn small, glowing embers of desire to become a more fit athlete and healthier individual, into a raging fire of success. The feeling of reaching a goal that you are so passionate about is extremely gratifying, and I would love to help you get there with a program designed to keep you happy, healthy, and in the best shape of your life.

As a coach, I believe that regardless of your current fitness level or training background, I can help you put together a manageable training schedule that meets your needs. By providing an affordable, yet customized training plan specific to your unique goals and lifestyle, your success is my success!

My experience has taught me that every athlete is a special and unique challenge, and each possesses characteristics that can assist him or her in using these wisely to reach their goals. For some, this goal may be to win a race in their age group or reach a personal record. For others, just finishing an event feeling strong and confident may be a huge success in itself. As a coach, I want to provide guidance, support, knowledge from personal experience, motivational techniques, sport specific training advice and instill a belief that together, we can truly find the balance between life and sport.

If you are looking for something different, challenging, and more effective than your current program, Fuel Your Passion can help you get there.


Kim's Background

As an athlete, I've been competing for over fifteen years at a very high level, starting with my time as a Division I collegiate cross country and track runner, and eventually a team captain. I went on to train for many marathons and qualified to run in the Boston Marathon in 2004. It was a great experience and I finished with a time of 3 hours 15 minutes. After Boston, I knew it was time for a new challenge and that is how I found triathlon.

I've spent a considerable amount of time training and racing over the past six years at distances from Sprint (16.8 mi) to Ironman (140.6 mi). As a coach, I have an excellent knowledge base to offer my athletes and real-life racing experience from both an amateur and professional athlete prospective. In addition, I am a certified USA Triathlon Level One Coach.

Career highlights include

  • Over 50 triathlons raced which include being a thirteen Ironmans and 4x Ironman World Championship finisher in Kona, Hawaii
    • 2:14 PR at the Olympic Distance
    • 4:23 PR at the 70.3 Distance
    • 9:10 PR at the Ironman Distance
  • 3:01 Ironman Marathon PR



Drew's Background

Drew began swimming competitively at the young age of six, where he grew to love the water and spent countless years developing his skills and excelling in the sport. While competing at the collegiate level for Edinboro University, he was a 4x All Conference recipient and captain and obtained a degree in Health and Physical Education with concentrations in Sports and Recreational Administration. Following graduation, Drew began running, entered his first triathlon, and devoted himself to the mastery of all three disciplines.


After multiple “first out of the water” accolades, Drew set himself and his swim tactics apart which lead him to the development of his own specific triathlon training program to help others improve. Drew has successfully coached several athletes to age group podiums, personal records and the completion of several high profile Ironman events. Drew’s coaching abilities span from sprint to 140.6 distances and demonstrate a high level of competency in program design, communication and technical skill development. He also coaches a Masters swimming team at the New Castle YMCA.

Drew's coaching philosophy is to immerse his athletes in the learning process of training to empower them to become the very best version of themselves. Drew's patient demeanor and knowledge in the disciplines of triathlon are what make him a great asset to Fuel Your Passion.

"Too many times you hear people say they cannot do a triathlon because they are unable to swim. With an extensive swim background and ability to develop swim skills and techniques in my athletes, this is the perfect start or continuation onto your triathlon journey."



"Working with Drew's training plan for the last 8 months has propelled my triathlon abilities, pushing me to set new personal bests in every race at varying distances so far this season. His passion for the sport is motivating and contagious. He is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also approachable, customizing a plan to best suit my goals for the sport." -Zachary Mehl

"Drew is an inspiring and motivating coach. Whenever you need help or are having an issue, Drew is just a phone call or text away. With his assistance my training has gone to the next level." -Meaghan Coe


Services and Pricing

The services I provide include unlimited email and phone support as well as a fully customized training program for any race distance based on your racing and/or fitness goals. Also included in the program is advice on all aspects of triathlon training and racing such as nutrition, race strategy and how to recover properly between workouts and races. I make it a requirement that my athletes contact me on a regular basis and keep an open line of communication. When an athlete enters Fuel Your Passion program, we must first establish goals and begin to plan for the entire season or year.

How it works?

  • Initial Athlete Start-up Forms: First the athlete will fill out an extensive questionnaire that will give me an idea of the athlete's current athletic fitness level and training history, family and employment commitments, past injuries, equipment, training facility information, etc.
  • Telephone or Face to Face Consultation: Following initial communication, we will have a telephone conversation or if practical, a face to face conversation to discuss the information gathered and plan the upcoming season. I feel that for an athlete to get the most out of the program, it's important for a coach to get to know each and every one of their athletes on a personal level.
  • The Training Plan: The athlete will receive a detailed training schedule typically in bi-weekly blocks. This will include customized workouts which include target heart rates for each particular workout and session.
    • Each weekly plan is broken down into individual day to day session plans that can be expanded to see the whole workout.
    • Each workout box also has the capacity for you to upload from your GPS or power device to compare performance over time and for the coach to review your progress relative to your program.
  • Adjustments to the Plan: As the season progresses, adjustments are made to the plan and tailored for each and every athlete.
  • Communication: Communication between coach and athlete is critical. The more I know about your energy level, post workout comments, and training load, the better precise adjustments can be made to your program. I suggest that contact via email be made at least once per week to comment on the week's training as a whole. Telephone calls are held on an as needed basis and on an agreed upon schedule between the coach and athlete. Athlete feedback during the process is an essential component to success.


  • Coaching fee payment must be made in advance of receiving initial training plan and the minimum training plan is for a duration of 3 months.
  • Fee's are paid monthly either online through PayPal or by check.
  • Contact Fuel Your Passion today for pricing information.

The time is now! Make the commitment to yourself and enlist a professional to help you get there!

If you have any questions and for pricing information, contact Kim at