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Meet Kim
Randy Cole


1st 70.3 ever 5:37, 1 year later 70.3 PR 5:00


"Kim has been a great asset for me since I was introduced to triathlon. Her extensive knowledge of swim, bike, and run training, coupled with nutrition has helped me to improve my performance each time I race. Her optimism and support for me is sincere and she has never once wavered though I can be difficult at times. She is a true professional and I look forward to working with her as I long as I have monster goals to achieve."

Sarah Schreiber

Triathlete, W25-29

Soon to be Ironman finisher!


"Working with Kim has been great. It is clear how much she genuinely cares about her athletes and shares in their successes as well as disappointments. With Kim's help I have accomplished things I never thought possible and am constantly wanting to see what else I can do...her enthusiasm really is contagious!"

Lori Beck

Ironman Wisconson 1st Time Finisher


"Kim's incredible knowledge and positive attitude made it easier to cross all of the hurdles I encountered during my training and create a solid nutrition plan for race day. Ironman would not have been possible without Kim's guidance along the way. Thank you Kim!"

Heidi Austin

Ironman Florida Finisher and FYP Coaching Client


"This year Coach Kim enabled me to take my triathlon training the the next level. By trading my long slow distance days for a more interval based approach, I easily shaved off 20 minutes from my 70.3 PR and won the Irongirl New Orleans."

James Perez

Half Ironman Finisher


"I’ve worked with Kim for almost 4 months. As a coach and mentor, she has an energy that is off the charts and she combines that with seemingly limitless knowledge of nutrition and endurance training. She is a high octane, powerful motivator and practices what she preaches every day. Under her tutelage, I have lost 35 pounds and I’m running almost 2 minutes/mile faster. Kim is the most driven, relentless, and effective coaches and have ever worked with on any level, in any sport."

Tom Caltagirone

2 x Half Ironman Finisher


"Coach Kim provides experienced feedback with detailed information so that you are continuously learning how to become a better athlete and you can retain and build from that knowledge.

The difference between a dietician and an endurance sports dietician is crucial. Kim’s professional review and assessment of my diet helped me to perfect critical nutritional needs for my long workouts. As a result, I no longer struggle to feel energized for that long run or bike ride. I am properly fueled prior to my workout and I know what it takes to maintain that energy level over several hours of training.

When I started out swimming, biking, and running I had no idea I would ever want to try a half Ironman. More importantly I did not fully understand what it takes to train and successfully complete one. Along the way I had many successes and failures. The trial and error method was causing a lot of unnecessary money, time, and countless hours of internet searches for information desperately required to understand basic information. Working with Kim I learned about proper nutrition, heart rate zones for fundamentals of training, cadence or foot speed, understanding the importance of sodium, and appreciating the ups and downs of months of training and the importance of proper race day goal setting! Kim makes the journey of triathlon fun, a learning experience like no other and best of all developing that positive can do spirit that says I will finish this! – Thanks Kim"